Saturday, August 14, 2010

Florida Home Brewing Equipment

I started making my own beer a few years ago.  I don't drink a lot of beer, but I enjoy the process of making it.  It reminds me of those science projects kids do in gradeschool.
Carboy Homebrew Kit for Home Made Beer

This morning we drove over to Pinellas Park for a quick visit to Beer and Winemakers Pantry.  They have a lot of the little things that make home brewing easier.  The also offer mail order.

I needed a new 3 piece air lock, carboy stand, some new bottle caps, and some more 22 oz. bottles.  I also picked up a copy of The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing by Charlie Papazian.

I've accumulated a little better equipment over time, but I started out with a basic beer making kit and then added a 6 gallon carboy later.  You don't need a carboy to make beer. You'd be surprised at the quality of beer you can make in two food grade 7 gallon plastic buckets.  Some people use the carboy as a secondary fermenter, but it works well as a primary vessel too.  The glass allows you to see the magic that happens when the yeast does it's thing.  My next purchase is definitely going to be some type of copper coil immersion chiller.

If you live in the Tampa area and are interested in wine making, Beer and Winemaker's Pantry offers free classes on the first Saturday of the month.  (We signed up for the September class.)

If you've read this article and started seeing dollar signs via selling home brewed beer to your friends and neighbors, please become familar with the federal and Florida State Law.  It's legal to brew beer at home in the Sunshine state, but illegal to sell it "on the side" without a license and under federal law it's illegal to brew more than 100 gallons a year for individuals 21+ and 200 gallons a year for married couples 21+.  If you'd like to learn more about beer laws in various states, check out this article on

If you're looking for home brewing supplies and Busch Boulevard is closer for you, try Southern Brewing.

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