Saturday, September 11, 2010

Making California Wines in Florida

Most people know that you can't grow California grapes in the Florida heat, but they might not know that it is possible to make California style wines in Florida. How, you ask? Pardo Wine Grapes to the rescue.

The Home Winemaker's Companion: Secrets, Recipes, and Know-How for Making 115 Great-Tasting Wines
This Tampa family has been bringing California grapes and juice to Tampa for decades. Home wine making hobbiests drive from as far away as Port Lucie to purchase grapes and juices from this family run operation.

A lot of people make wines at home by using grape juice concentrates, but it's not the only way. If you plan ahead, it's possible to make wine from freshly pressed grapes right here in Florida.

More details from the website:
You can order refrigerated buckets of freshly pressed grape juice shipped from California ready for you to ferment. This juice is not a concentrate or a sterile pasteurized product. It’s the juice of freshly pressed grapes, refrigerated to retard fermentation and shipped to Tampa. Renew a tradition practiced by your ancestors or start one in your family. Make 5 gallons or a barrel, it’s up to you.
If you want to make a traditional style wine, but want to learn the basics first there are several 4 week wine making kits available.

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