Monday, September 6, 2010

The political blog, Steve Schale: Observations on the Land of 27 from one of its leading political strategists is receiving a lot of focus this weekend based a prediction he made in a recent article (Sorry Charlie) regarding the Florida Senate race.  If you like reading about Florida politics from slight Democratic slant, this blog is for you.

More from the About Steve section of

Steve is a Florida-based political and communication strategist and principal manager of Schale Strategies, LLC. Steve has extensive experience in all levels of Florida politics and is one of the best regarded strategists in the Sunshine State. In 2008, the St. Petersburg Times called him "one of the savviest and most effective political strategists Florida Democrats have seen in ages." He's also been named one of Florida’s “100 Movers and Shakers” by Florida International Magazine and one of the ten most influential Democrats in Florida by Politics Magazine.

For me (and I suspect many others like me), the bitter back-and-forth that is so prevalent in political television advertisements is growing old.  It's two-sided and it's a little dissapointing. I would rather see the candidates sharing their new ideas, thoughts, and approaches that will help the State and its' residents. I'm not so much interested in what has been done last week, last year, last decade. I'm more interested in next week, next year, and next decade.

How 'bout it candidates?  Let's hear your new ideas.

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