Saturday, July 10, 2010

Apalachicola Florida

I spent Independence Day on St. George Island and unfortunately, it did rain on the parade.  It rained cats and dogs, cow on a flat rock, etc. etc.  However, the weather did clear off in the early afternoon and we were able to do some shopping and exploring in nearby Apalachicola.   Later on we even spent a couple of hours on the beach near the home we stayed at in the Plantation Community on the island.

And, here's my favorite place we visited...

This place is literally a tin shed, but behind that crude exterior there are some pretty cool nautical items for sale.  If I had a beach cottage to decorate, this is the place I'd go.

Checking on some of the local blogging sites I discovered Capt Ron's Tarpon Tails blog.  This site has quite a few pictures of the area including several shots of tarpon, flora, and wildlife taken in the area.  There's also a nice You Tube slide show of nearly 5 minutes of additional pictures taken in the Apalachicola area. 

Florida Nature Photography is another blog worth a look. The site has a wonderful series of photos from the Forgotten Coast area of the State - most Floridians know it by simply "The Panhandle".

Our drive from Tallahassee to St. George Island exposed me to an area of Florida so undeveloped and natural that it was like we were transported into a sort of Twilight Zone. It was nice to drive on two lane roads with plenty of beautiful scenery and small amounts of traffic. Fifty-five mph never had it so good. I was tempted to drive even slower just to take it all in! I look forward to making a return trip.

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