Sunday, July 11, 2010

Florida Beer Blogs

I picked up some Yuengling Lager today at Publix. I don't buy beer on a regular basis, but when I do lately it's been Yuengling.  It's not the kind of beer you see advertised during NFL games or NASCAR races, but it's pretty good stuff. It also holds the distinction of being brewed in a family owned brewery that is considered the oldest brewery in America founded in 1829.

It's not available at Publix yet, but the guys over at Cigar City Brewing are carrying the torch for Hand Crafted IPA ales. This brewing operation takes it's name from a section of the Tampa area known for cigar making (catchy) and the blog provides a lot of insight into the regulations and rules that stack the deck against those who aspire to building a small brewery operation into a larger one - not unlike Yuengling.  I won't even attempt to explain the politics of the beer business, but they guys at Cigar City Brewing are happy to lay out all the details for you on their blog.

I love the title at the top of their blog page:
How to open and run a Craft Brewery in 7000 Easy Missteps.
But, if you're in South Florida (or traveling there) and want to learn more about the beer scene, South Florida Beer Blog, can lend you a hand.  The site has lots and lots of information about beer events at many of the most popular beer hang outs in the Greater Miami area and beyond. There's even a Beer Events Calendar so you don't miss out on anything. Pretty cool!

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