Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fort Remington Wood Products

Linda and I took a trip to Keel & Curley during a recent open house they hosted at their blueberry winery in Plant City.  We didn't stand in line for wine tasting, but did head out the side door and toward the u-pick area of the blueberry patch.  Along the way we stopped by the booth of DJ Remington from Fort Remington wood products.

Fort Remington is the business name for DJ Remington's wood products business. Somehow using "business" to describe what is really "wood art" doesn't sound quite right.  She makes spoons from walnut, pecan, cherry, maple, and oak for stirring pots, spreading frosting on cakes, turning stir fry, making sweet tea, and flipping eggs and many other uses. It's easy to see the hard work and love that goes into them. We purchased a right handed stir fry spoon made from cherry wood.

From her website:
DJ Remington is a 5th generation wood worker, and the first female in the lineage. She has always had a passion for creating functional, hand carved wooden spoons and is now ready to share them with the world.  Read more about DJ.
DJ mentioned that she liked doing art and craft shows, but she also wanted to sell via retail outlets.  Linda recommended she inquire at South Shore Gallery in Apollo Beach.

A few weeks later while shopping for gifts at South Shore Gallery, Linda noticed they now have the Fort Remington spoons available. If spoons aren't on your shopping list, they have many other items from various North American artists.  A description from their website:
Here's a few samples of the art and other items they have available.  Click here for directions.
We specialize in art and gifts with a focus on local artists. We have items from all areas of the United States and Canada and are not just a Gallery. Most people tend to think of an art Gallery as a stuffy place with pictures hanging on the walls. We showcase various alternative mediums such as; glass, fiber, jewelry, pottery, wall art, metal and wood.

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