Sunday, July 11, 2010


When we moved to Florida (the second time) we purchased some orchids at a plant sale twice. They looked so beautiful and the salespeople always make it sound simple. Provide plenty of sun, water, and plant food - easy as pie. The first one last about 3 months and the second attempt at keeping orchids lasted about 4 months. Oops! Maybe I'll stick to photographing them and give up on growing them.

I made a trip to Miami for Memorial Day weekend and took lots of floral photos.  Here are some of my favorite orchid shots:

I've been hanging out over at Florida's Native Orchids blog for inspiration.  Prem Subrahmanyam has got some nice pictures of Florida Butterfly Orchids at Myakka River State Park and the famously reclusive Florida Ghost orchids in Corkscrew Swamp Preserve near Naples and Big Cypress Swamp. In one of my favorite posts, Prem provides details about Florida's dancing lady orchid

Note to the orchid literate who may read this post in the future - please don't think badly of me because I haven't included the scientific names. I appreciate the orchids, but find the names a bit cumbersome. 

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