Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Motion Picture Quality Film from your Droid or iPhone Smartphone?

HTC DROID Eris Android Phone (Verizon Wireless)
I recently caught the Smartphone bug and purchased an HTC Droid Eris. I like that I can check my Facebook account during my lunch hour, make Twitter posts while running personal errands, check my e-mail, take snapshots and send them to Twitter or Facebook, or save them to the phone itself.

Photos can be edited via one of the several popular free apps available for the Android platform phones. PicSay is one of the most popular free apps and Vignette is a popular, but low priced "pay" app.

According to this article on PicSay lets users correct colors, crop images, add text, add titles, and apply special effects. Vignette adds "46 effects, 15 frames, a self-timer and zoom and crop features".

The phone is also capable of video recording. Some people don't believe the video quality from a SmartPhone measures up to a "real" camcorder.  I thought the same thing, until recenlty.

Here's a pretty good video taken with the HTC Eris Smartphone.  These guys were out driving their Dune Buggies in rural Florida and took some video to remember the trip.  For a handheld video, this seems pretty darn good to me.  It's not a Droid video clip, but to witness the possibilities from the iPhone 4 check out this clip from Now that's awful close to professional quality if you ask me. 

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